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Revolutionizing Document Funds with the potential of dOctopus, an innovative software providing an intuitive solution for both archivists and researchers. We’re ready for the constantly changing norms of the digital age of sharing and storing knowledges, what about you ?          


Delivering smart and intuitive solutions for your organization

Welcome to dOctopus, where we have reinvented the way archivists and librarians can store and access digitals documents and data.

Intuitive User Interface

Use our entirely customizable interface, seamlessly navigate and manage your documents with our user-friendly interface. Effortlessly find what you need saving you valuable time. While being one of the most complete tool, dOctopus is one of the easiest document management system, to use daily.

Comprehensive Search

Say goodbye to endless searching. Our powerful search capabilities enable you to quickly locate specific document or information within your vast collections.


Tailor dOctopus to fit your specific needs and workflows effortlessly. Our software adapts to any type of data or documents you may have to store. But is also pluggable to any system you're working with or may need to work with. dOctopus has no limit to adapt to your specific requirements. We offer a software with limitless features and possibilities.

Multi-platform Compatibility

Access dOctopus on kiosks, tablets, web browser, dedicated applications.. Our flexible solution adapts to your organization's unique requirements.

Our philosophy


At dOctopus, we believe in the power of collaboration and co-creation. We have embarked on a transformative journey to reinvent document management for archivists and librarians, and we have done it hand in hand with the very actors who understand the challenges and intricacies of the industry.


Through extensive partnerships, we have actively sought feedback from the professionals on the ground. By listening to their insights we developped a solution that truly meets the needs of the sector.


Our collaborative process has been instrumental in shaping our software. We combined our technical expertise with the domain knowledges of cultural heritage institutions, to create an intuitive platform.


We continue to foster these partnerships, nuruturing a vibrant ecosystem that enourages ongoing innovation. Our team works tirelessly to identify emerging needs, implement new features, and push the boundaries of what is possible in document management.


By joining us you're participating in building a new community passionated by preserving knowledges, encouraging to work hands in hands with every actor of your sector.


Smart Storage

Embrace the future of Document Management with dOctopus, unlock the full potential of your organization’s digital assets, improve accessibility, and elevate your archival capabilities to new heights.

Get In Touch

To bring your collections to their full potential or simply to learn more about our services, the first step is contacting us. We can then evaluate your request and suggest a meeting to answer your questions and explain our processes. 



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